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Cabinet Refacing

If you are lookig for a way to revitalize the cabinets in your home, a cabinet refacing project is key. Through cabinet refacing, you will update the look and style of your cabinets without having to completely replace them and you can avoid a lot of mess, time, and money. 

For cabinet refacing, we will use veneer to cover all the exposed faces of the frames, and bottoms & end panels. Then, new doors, drawer fronts and moldings will be added, while lastly, new hindges & hardware are installed. Through cabinet refacing, the entire room can be transformed into a modern work of art.

For example, an outdated or dark kitchen with heavily stained cabinets can be transformed into a bright airy room through the process of cabinet refacing. In addition, we can save up to one-third the amount of that would be spent on the same job with premade cabinets and you are going green by saving a lot of trees. 

Refacing vs. Replacing

Quality cabinet refacing is a lot cheaper and faster than replacing your cabinetry, if you have a good sound cabinet, & you are ok with the layout. Also a fact that a client can recoop the cost 100%.Increasing the saleability and value of your home.
 It is a proven FACT that refacing is less expensive & saves time & is a Green process saving our environment and trees. Less invasive on you and the surrounding area. Especially with tiles & finished walls etc. It is a fast process (usually 1 week on the job) if you are ok with the layout and the interiors & the cabinets are sturdy a reface process is possibly for you. Call for a phone conference or an in home consultation & a quote.