Providing Quality Services Since 1984

Our materials give our customers the best quality. By that I mean we do not use fillers in our doors, they are the best in the business with a 5 year guarantee against warpage or discoloration or peeling. We do not take shortcuts or use inferior products,only the tried & true processes are used. After almost 30 years in this business. We want the whole process to be quick smooth and something all homeowners will be proud of. That is how we have been successful and how we are still in business. We rely on our customers & the word of happy mouths. Even with that said our products can still save our customers a whole lot of green,heck we have been a green business before the term came about. We save trees and we save our clients a whole lot of green & time & hassle too.

The advantages of a refaced kitchen are plenty. First we save our clients a lot of cash like I have said before. Our process takes a week or less, depending on the size & complexity of course, if we are doing laminate tops or extras excettera & laminate tops are all we do. If the client wants something different then they have to shop for that elsewhere. Once the replacement doors are finished & ready to install, we sand the existing cabinet boxes & apply the new real wood veneer (if it is a wood type job) or laminate if the job is a solid color like white or any solid color that can imagined in about 2-3 days.

Then we do the trim, valence, and extras (if any) then hang the doors & drawer fronts in another day or so. Time is always a great savior when clients want to get back to a new remodeled kitchen in days & not weeks or even months. We do mostly concealed hinges with the newer styles of doors & our door manufacturer has so many to choose from, that it can be a daunting task to decide on. We have the most in the industry. We do not suggest that the average client try this themselves it isn't rocket science, but without the proper tools & knowledge it could be more expensive fixing mistakes later.